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dragon pharma proviron

You need to be sure about quality and results this is the best brand, in general dragon have excellent products, great place to go is buydragonpharma – you will having the free mind of knowing your gear is the real deal then your in the right place.

ultima pharmaceuticals

panda is great source to buy us ultima products, I ordered also test e and has been very efficient. Made me more productive at the gym as well. No issues with shipping. Excellent work Panda

ultima testosterone

I used ultima enan in conjunction with my last cycle. The product was really good, smooth injection, easy to draw and very little pip. I was using Test E from another vendor and decided to change things up a bit. Ulima Pharmaceuticals has become one of my favorite brands. panda shipped the product very quickly

proviron cycle

For my recent order, I chose Proviron and Test Prop from Dragon Pharma; The Proviron gave me a large libido increase, so I limited it at 50mg per day, the prop was really smooth, with little PIP, and started in soon

Legit Dragon Phamra

This is 100% legit, you can order with full confidence, knowing that they are the top supplier of bodybuilding supplements. The quality of their products is top notch, which is why I have been buying from them ( for a number of years now. Highly recommended!