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Ultima Pharmaceuticals

Ultima Pharmaceuticals was first established in 2014 with the aim of producing high quality anabolic androgenic steroids, Ultima peptides, anti-estrogens and other performance enhancement drugs for bodybuilders.

All their products are produced under strict control measures in adherence to cGMP standards which make them safe for use by athletes. The company is highly focused on customer satisfaction through offering guarantee delivery through reliable courier services. Reasonable prices that match market prices and providing discreet packaging solutions so customers can enjoy total privacy when purchasing products from them.

Ultima Pharmaceutical are very serious about providing top notch quality performance enhancing products.

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5 Reviews


is ultima legit?

who used this brand? and a good source can someone provide? not only panda


ultima steroids

if you buy from panda yes is us domestic, my last order was test enantat 3 vials arrived in just 6 days


is ultima us domestic?

is ultima us domestic?


ultima pharmaceuticals

panda is great source to buy us ultima products, I ordered also test e and has been very efficient. Made me more productive at the gym as well. No issues with shipping. Excellent work Panda


ultima testosterone

I used ultima enan in conjunction with my last cycle. The product was really good, smooth injection, easy to draw and very little pip. I was using Test E from another vendor and decided to change things up a bit. Ulima Pharmaceuticals has become one of my favorite brands. panda shipped the product very quickly with little communication involved. Another great resource online! Highly recommended ++++

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